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Paws Amoré Spa

Come check out our new Spa! We offer full service baths, grooming, exit baths, nail trim, facials, de-shedding, and so much more!


Full Service Baths

20lbs or less: $25.00

20lbs to 40lbs: $30.00

40lbs to 60lbs: $40.00

60lbs to 70lbs: $50.00

70lbs and up: $60.00


20lbs or less: $45.00

25lbs to 45lbs: $50.00

50lbs to 70lbs: $65.00

75lbs and up: $75.00

Exit Bath

Small: $10.00

Medium: $15.00

Large: $20.00

Extra Large: $25.00


De-shedding: $15.00

Nail trim: $10.00 (includes tax)

Nail trim and dremel: $15.00 (includes tax)

Face, Feet, and Fanny trim: $15.00 

Blueberry Facials: $5.00

Teeth Brushing: $10.00

Paw Balm: $5.00

Nail Polish: $7.00

Vaccination Requirements

  • Rabies

  • Bordatella

  • DHLPP 

  • Please call with any questions or concerns. Thank You!

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